frequently asked questions

Simply contact us via our contact form, or by phone so we can quote your job. After everything has been agreed we will send you an approval and invoice. Once this is signed and paid, we can begin the printing process & get your goods to you ASAP!

Turnaround time from approval & payment is typically 3-5 working days.  This can vary slightly depending on how booked up we are, how large the order is, & whether there’s any garment finishing or extras added.

Yes, some clients prefer to purchase & send us the products, or have a supplier send them to us. This print service is charged at an agreed rate per item. We will need to double check the required product is appropriate for printing before agreement. 

We only use water based Permaset inks, these are the highest quality inks on the market. They are also vegan, eco friendly & soil association approved.

Any additional prints will be charged at an extra cost. We have to print each side individually so it will be charged as 2 print positions.

Due to the nature of screen printing there is often a % defect rate. This is due to either problems with the garment itself, or due to misprints. This can be between 10% – 2% depending on quantity ordered (the larger the order, the lower the defect rate). Although we do order additional stock to compensate, there can sometimes still be additional defected shirts. You should be informed of the final shirt count, should any items be missing from your order before it ships & credited for the missing amount. If this is not the case, please contact us & we’ll resolve it straight away for you.

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